The Divergent Edge provides services via telehealth across Australia. We work with adults and adolescents.

With our unique person centred approach, we combine counselling and coaching strategies to help you manage (and celebrate) your ADHD. Therapeutic coaching allows us to work in partnership to tailor your support, focusing on where you need it. Whether that be how you manage your emotions and relationships or your executive function - or both! ADHD is complex and varied, and individual traits affect us on a spectrum, in some areas more than in others.

Please note that are a waitlist may be applied for some services. 

ADHD therapeutic coaching

  • develop increased insight about your life patterns, behaviours and decision making
  • women and ADHD specialty
  • discover your strengths, reduce stress, improve executive function
  • counselling and parenting support

ADHD Careers coaching & guidance

  • trying to figure out what to do 'when you grow up' ?!
  • career crisis? lack of direction? support with transitioning from high school or finding the right are of tertiary study or training
  • specialist ADHD focused careers strengths assessment, guidance and support at any age or stage

The Divergent Edge is a proud member of the ACON ‘Welcome here’ initiative. We view both sexuality and gender identity on a spectrum, as we do neurodiversity, rather than as binary constructs of ‘normal’ and ‘other’. Feminist and anti-oppressive theory underlie our organisational values, and our  work practices. Neurodivergence presents itself in individuals in a variety of ways, adding to diversity in our communities. The Divergent Edge actively works to erase stigma and misunderstanding around neurodivergent labels, and instead utilise these to enhance personal identity. Our vision is to enhance societal awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity to contribute to positive, inclusive change.

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